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f the China Association of Science and Technol

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f the China Association of Science and Technology, jointly sponsored by the China Aviation Society, the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, the Technology Innovation Alliance of the Aviation Enterprises Association, the Association of the Military and Civil Integration Society of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, and the International Cooperation Alliance of the Aviation Industry, relying on the global perspective, the Resources, guided by forward-looking, innovative, platform-oriented and authoritative nature, aim at bringing together the most potential aviation projects in China, discovering top-notch entrepreneurs, discovering major breakthrough technologies, and discovering star entrepreneurs. Based on the principles of resource pooling, investment promotion and land support, they are awarded and publicized through selection and docking. The double creation service provides an exchange and cooperation platform for the whole aviation industry chain.
As the first national double-creation event focusing on the aviation field in China, the Mianyang Science Expo, featuring the integration of military and civilian affairs, joined hands with the powerful Mianyang Science Expo, adopted for the first time the Trinity activity mode of "events + forums + exhibitions", fully demonstrating the industrialization of aviation science and technology achievements and the breakthrough of technical iteration, and promoting the integration of military and civilian industries and universities. The location of the exhibition.
During the Expo, the "China Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Recommended Projects Exhibition Group" actively set up a new communication and cooperation platform for the aviation industry chain, bringing together the outstanding entries of the past and the entries of the second round of the joint exhibition, from the China Commercial Flight Fantasy Studio, the Flight Simulator, Jiangsu Fengxin, Jiangsu Province, China Flight Fantasy Studio, China Flight, China Flight, China Flight, China Fl Star projects such as Liaoning Zhuang long, Qingdao Ou Sen, sta propeller and so on are all exhibiting in kind.
Cui Degang, an expert judge on competition aviation and honorary director of China Aeronautics Association, said that the content of the innovation group semi-finals is quite rich, reflecting the vigorous development of China's aviation industry in recent years. Many of these projects are not only innovative, but also of high practical value. He pointed out that some aviation innovation projects from the national team enterprises should not only deliver the results of innovation technology to the market, but also consider the return to the market.
Zheng Shuanglin, deputy secretary-general of Chengfei Science and Technology Committee, also said in the judges'comments after the competition: "We are also excited to see so many private enterprises display their innovative achievements in this competition. At the same time, as the national team, we are not only the pressure of competition, but also the motivation of innovation.